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Technical help pages that are relevant to everyone in the faculty, not just the schools are located here. Please choose an option below. Please note that if your query is about a specific course unit or programme, the help pages may be located under “School Help”. If you are in doubt, please use the search.

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Start of Year / Blackboard Course Set up

Blackboard Course Setup


TurnItIn Setup

TurnItIn allows you to accept coursework submissions and run plagiarism checks.


TurnItIn Marking Guides

TurnItIn Plagiarism and Originality Checking Guides

Student Guides to TurnItIn

This section sends you to our student website which looks similar to this website.

Assessments and Marking

Assessments in Blackboard

Assessments are usually run in Blackboard. They can be set as summative or formative coursework, in class assessments etc. This section provides advice on how to create and maintain them.

Here are guides referring to Assessments/Tests built in Blackboard:

Marking in Blackboard

Creating and Adding Content in Blackboard

Adding Files, Links and Content for DASS Registered Students

Other Blackboard Tools for Your Course

Media and Software for eLearning Guides

Other Blackboard Tools for Your Course

Bugs, Fixes and Computer “How To’s”

How to...

Bugs and Fixes