Creating a lesson and saving to SoftChalk Cloud

Creating a lesson and setting the theme
  • Open the SoftChalk editor. If you have not already downloaded the software, please see the ‘Get Started with SoftChalk’ section.
  • Go to Properties > Lesson Properties to set the colour (theme) and title.

Previewing the lesson
  • Go to Preview > View in Browser or click the preview button to see these settings applied. It is advised to preview regularly when creating your lesson so you know what the published version will look like. Some elements like activities, links and media will only display in the preview. Top tip: If you use Internet Explorer, we recommend you set Google Chrome or Firefox as your default browser for the previews.

Saving the lesson to SoftChalk Cloud
  • The save prompt before previewing only saves the lesson in a temporary file on your computer. To save permanently, you must save to SoftChalk Cloud
  • Go to File > Save to Softchalk Cloud
  • Give your lesson a name
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Your lesson has now been saved to SoftChalk Cloud. Log in to SoftChalk Cloud and go to My Content > Lessons to see it in your online lesson list.

Privacy Information

The default privacy setting for lessons when they are saved to the cloud is ‘Personal’. This means your lesson is only available online when you share it using the hyperlink URL. It cannot be publicly searched or viewed (the same as ‘unlisted’ on YouTube). You can check this by looking at your lesson list in SoftChalk Cloud (My Content > Lessons). It will say ‘Personal’ next to each lesson you save there.