Add special characters, images, tables and hyperlinks

Special characters

Copying and pasting successfully from a word document is highly dependent on the formatting. It will not always work as you expect it to, as some things cannot be converted into the SoftChalk editor very easily. For example, you may need to redo bullet points or numbered lists using the tools in the top bar of the editor. Plain text is usually fine but watch out for character conversion e.g. μmol very often gets converted to mmol.

  • Go to Insert > Special Characters from the menu at the top of the editor
  • Choose your character and insert
  • Once you have done this, you can copy and paste within the editor


Copying across images from a word document is hit-and-miss. Sometimes it appears to work correctly however when you publish or preview the image disappears. It is recommended you insert them using the method below instead.

  • Go to Insert > Image from the menu at the top of the editor
  • Select your image file
  • Change width/height and margins if required. Top tip: If the lesson is to be viewed on mobile devices, set the width to 500 or less so it will resize with the screen.
Insert Image window, with the width set to 500.
  • Video 2b: Add Images
    This will take you through adding an image from your computer and the different settings you can choose.


Copying across tables from a Word document is also a mixed bag! It may appear to work but modifying within the editor can cause the formatting to become corrupt. It is recommended you create all tables within SoftChalk using the method below to avoid this. Top tip: You cannot colour code different cells in the SoftChalk table editor, so if you have complicated tables it is best to screenshot them and put them in as an image using the method above.

  • Go to Table > Create table from the menu at the top of the editor
  • Set the number of rows and columns
  • Set the table width to 100% (resizes with screen size) – NOT ‘Absolute’ as this will fix the size of the table and won’t be viewable on smaller screens. Top tip: If you do copy tables from Word they often default to ‘Absolute’, so you will need to change this
Create Table window, with the table width as 100%.
  • To modify, right-click the table for options

  • Highlight the text or image you want to make into a link
  • Go to Insert > Hyperlink
  • Paste your link into the box and set a title
  • Leave the ‘Target’ as open in new window
  • Click OK
  • Preview in browser to test